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Wax Mekanix ~ Rock recording Artist Special Guest On 9/18/2023

Wax Mekanix resurfaces in 2023 with a blisteringly heavy, trippy, kaleidoscopic, disconcerting set of songs that defy genre, and comment on the times he creates in. True to his shapeshifting reputation, it sounds as if he’s invited Black Sabbath, The Beatles, Jack White, and The Beach Boys into his recording sessions to make an album together. With a mission statement to continue his conversation with his audience, Wax has constructed sonic and thematic connective tissue joining Psychotomimetic to 2020's Grammy balloted classic rock-infused Mobocracy, and then to the thunderous, tribal, groovy, organic howl of 2021's Blunt. The "Psychotomimetic" songs seem to span time and suspend it. Simultaneously, the tracks reference the familiar past, speak to the tumultuous present, and contemplate the unknown future. "I once got some advice, 'just be yourself'. That was good advice until I thought, 'which one?'" - Wax Mekanix, 2023


releases September 8, 2023


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