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Wax Mekanix ~ Rock Recording Artist Special Guest On 8/22/2022

Wax Mekanix and Troll Teeth, coming off of their respective 2020 releases entitled Mobocracy and Goes Nowhere, Does Nothing, have teamed up to release one of the most diverse splits of 2021. What happens when you mix acoustic-rooted psychedelia and hard-nosed stoner rock? Well, you’ll soon find out. Upon Wax Mekanix reaching out to fellow label brethren Troll Teeth, both artists set out on a mission to challenge themselves artistically; taking the lull in live music to hone their craft and deliver their fans with something new yet familiar. “"We at Troll Teeth used this EP to experiment a little with songwriting and performing” says Troll Teeth frontman Moe Eccles “We tried to get out of our comfort zone a little more than we normally do.” Wax Mekanix follows this up by stating “If you’re expecting Mobocracy version 2.0, or me to pander for streams, followers, eyeballs, or likes by calculating some kind of mind-numbing, mouth-breathing sameness, I ain’t your guy.”

Wax Mekanix


Wax Mekanix: Lead and backing vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Harmonica, Drums, Percussion (Tracks 1-3)

Lectriq: Backing vocals, Percussion (Tracks 1 & 3)

Brandon Yeagley: Backing vocals (Tracks 1 & 3)

Chris Bishop: Acoustic Guitar (Tracks 1 & 3)

Tom Altman: Acoustic Guitar, Bass (Tracks 1 & 3)

Stephen Burdick: Acoustic Guitar (Tracks 1 & 3)

Marissa Wolner: Backing vocals: (Tracks 1 & 3)

M11SON: Backing vocals (Tracks 1 & 3)

Gene ‘Machine’ Freeman: Drums (Track 1)


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