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Tim Pszanka Singer/Songwriter Special Guest On 2/2/2021

It’s about damn time someone released a new album of original rock and roll. Not autotuned. Nothing over processed. Not blended with another genre. Just an authentic rock album you grab when you want to

put it on, turn it up, and rock out!

A year and a half in the making, sweating the details, precision focus on getting it right, and raising enough shots of Jack Daniels that maybe he should get an honorable co-writer mention, our debut album is exactly that,

just good rock and roll!

We can’t wait for you to hear it, so we’ve loaded a Low-Fi version of the title track below. It’s ready to go, just hit play. But do yourself a favor and adjust your volume up to rock and roll levels first. Oh, and we’ve thrown in a bonus track too for those that have been with us a while. Check ’em out.



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