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The Penetrators ~ Punk Rock Recording Artists Special Guests On 11/9/2022

The Penetrators were founded by lead singer Jack Lipton and multi-instrumentalist Eliot (Spike) Kagan in Syracuse, NY in August, 1976.What happened when Garage Rock met Punk Rock in the cold climes of upstate NY? "Formed in 76 as punk was exploding, The Penetrators kicked out their own unique twisted version of garage rock... snotty, loud and amateur as can be." This duo of Syracuse music makers released their second 45 in 1979 ("Teenage Lifestyle/Rock 'n' Roll Face") to further critical acclaim and won a spot on Killed By Death #19 in 1998 for their efforts.

Originally intended as a studio project, Jack and Spike wasted no time putting together a live performing unit in 1980, whose efforts were captured on the soundboard bootleg cassette recording released in 2001 on Rave Up Records of Rome, Italy: "Live at Kenny's 1980."  Other 1979/1980 releases included the two-sided release of "The Scandalizer/Drive Me Crazy" by (respectively) Curtis Seals and Christian D'Orbit, and Eliot (Spike) Kagan's 4 track "solo" EP: "SPIKE!" 

In 1982, The Penetrators recorded and immortalized on video the classic track that MTV would not show on their Basement Tapes show: "Shopping Bag". All this musical productivity and hard work led to their studio efforts being released by Venus Records (FRED 0) on the album "Kings of Basement Rock" in 1988.  "Kings of Basement Rock" was subsequently reissued twice on two other labels - by Rave Up Records in 2000 and by Slovenly Records in 2013.  A CD anthology of their studio and live efforts, "Basement Anthology", was released by Swami Records in 2005. The initial 2 Penetrator 45 RPM record efforts have been re-released in EP form on Rave Up (1999) and as separate 45's on Windian Records (2011 and 2012 respectively).  The Curtis Seals / Christian D'Orbit 45 was re-released by Windian Records in 2014, along with their 45 RPM release of the Penetrators' classic "Shopping Bag" (backed by "Everybody Needs Lovin'").  Possible plans to reissue the "Spike!" solo EP by Penetrators multi-instrumentalist / producer Eliot (Spike) Kagan are still in the works. 

But all is not reissues in the Penetrators world:  They released an album (in both vinyl and CD formats) on Slovenly Records in 2008 called "Bad Woman" that consisted of their takes of such classics as "The Last Time" and "Dirty Water", as well as remakes of their own bona fide classics, including "Teenage Lifestyle" and "Gotta Have Her", which were also put out by Slovenly on a two-sided 45.  Slovenly Records also put out a 45 of new studio efforts in 2015: "She's The Kinda Girl/ Take A Stand."  Adding his renowned lead guitar stylings to all these recent studio Slovenly efforts is Central New York guitar legend Mark Doyle.

The Penetrators have also been performing at various punk festival gatherings over the last 20+ years, including the Horizontal Action (Chicago) Blackout 2003, the UFO Dictator Fest 4 (2008) , and the 2012 Windian Anniversary Showcase in Washington, DC.The Penetrators never went away and continue to make fresh music even after 40+ years in the music business.  They even self-released a CD on their own FRED Records called “Legacy” in 2017, and they are always making sure to maintain a social media footprint commensurate with their place in rock ‘n’ roll history.


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