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Tedi Bruneti ~ Singer/Songwriter & Drummer Special Guest On 8/30/2021

Singer, songwriter, drummer and bandleader, Tedi Brunetti has come a long way since discovering music as a youth in Pittsburgh. She grew up listening to her transistor radio and banging along on a hamper and hat boxes. In fact, Tedi has pretty much seen it all as a touring drummer with notable national and international acts like Eloise Laws, Isis' Carol MacDonald and Witch, and the Debbie Harry/Mick Jones-produced, B-Girls. She has since formed the Tedi Brunetti Band, and is seated upon her "throne" as the bandleader and reigning "Queen of Pittsburgh."

This summer, Tedi Brunetti will release her 2nd solo album, aptly titled "The Queen of Pittsburgh." Scheduled for a July 20th release date through Sony/The Orchard distribution, the album was coproduced by engineer and co-writer, Dean Sargent (Taylor Dayne, Blue Oyster Cult, Public Enemy.) "This album began as a legacy album, of sorts," says Tedi. "I wanted our grandchildren to know grandma and grandpa were cool once. Recording to me, is what painting or sculpting is to an artist: It's a permanent record of a joy-filled period of my life. My husband Jim, our son James, 2 of my sisters, Mary and Anita, performed on it. My dear friends and producers, Dean and Mike, and the good times we had creating "The Queen of Pittsburgh" album, will always fill me with happiness when I listen to it. To me, it's already a success." The first single and video, "Evil Woman" was released on May 25th.


Facebook: IG: @tedibrunettiofficial


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