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Sunshyne P ~ Reggae Recording Artist Special Guest on 5/23/2023

It is very rare that someone comes on the scene with such stunning talent that it leaves us all in awe. However, Sunshyne P is one of those rare artists. She was once told that she could never be in the background. As a Trinidadian and Honduran native, Tricia Pollard has inherited a wide range of cultural influences. Although she was raised in the US, her heritage still played an influential role in her upbringing and continues to shape her creative ability.

Throughout her career, Sunshyne P has sung with choirs, choruses, and jazz bands; but for the past eight years, the sultry reggae crooner has been singing solo.

Having a multicultural background has enabled her to produce music that transcends borders, differences, and religious beliefs. With her tracks, Sunshyne beautifully combines current affairs with her own life experiences

From battle cries of peace with "Where is Love" featuring Almighty P and an ode to her children with "Let It Go" featuring Juelio, to sharing the stage with heavyweights such as Beenie Man, Sunshyne has proven she is an unmistakable force of music, and is dedicated to creating music that stands the test of time.

With an ever-burning passion, Sunshyne has set out to create music that inspires her growing fanbase to persevere beyond their struggles.


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