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Scotty Austin ~ Rock Recording Artist Special Guest On 1/10/2023

Rock Superstar and Gifted Songwriter Scotty Austin Prepares for the Upcoming Release of His Latest Single, "Money"

The rock genre has always been a solid pillar of the music industry, and over the past few years, the scene has continued to grow even more vibrant. This impressive upward trajectory is made possible by the outstanding contributions and hard work of dedicated artists such as the one and only Scotty Austin.

This time, the bonafide rock star is set to light stages ablaze with his brand-new single, "Money," which is scheduled to drop on Black Friday 2022. The upcoming track excellently captures the quintessential Scotty Austin artistry that showcases a seamless marriage between resonant tunes and captivating poetry.

Several industry giants are involved in the production and distribution of the much-awaited title. The song was produced at the Universal Music Group's House of Blues studio in Nashville, Tennessee, by multi-platinum producer Malcolm Springer. It will be released by Stryker Records and distributed by another Universal Music Group company, Ingrooves, a music distribution, marketing, and technology pioneer.

Ahead of its release, "Money" is already making waves in the rock community. Fans and music enthusiasts alike have expressed their excitement, and many are looking forward to hearing the singer's exceptional musicality and unrivaled prowess for songwriting. After all, Scotty's last song, "Rebel Yell," was released six months ago in April, leaving followers itching for more new content from the gifted artist.

Apart from his undeniable prowess as a singer-songwriter, what makes the musician stand out is his professionalism. Specifically, the remarkable man has cultivated an awe-inspiring work ethic centered on dedication, perseverance, and mutual respect. As a result, he was able to build harmonious working relationships with countless professionals, including music executives and fellow artists.

Having been in the industry since the 90s, Scotty has earned many feathers in his cap. First, he ranked fourth in the world during the International Blues Contest, where he represented Memphis, Tennessee. On top of that, the talented man was the front man of the popular rock band Saving Abel for over eight years. He also had a #1 soundtrack with the band Supernova Syndicate for the smash hit game Dead Rising.

Now, Scotty has found yet another area where he can thrive as a solo act. After he departed from Saving Abel, the skillful musician went back to what he does best - making music. Possessing a natural talent and ear for distinct sounds, he has produced expressive song lyrics and music throughout his career.

Using his experience in various genres, the multi-instrumentalist composes incredible melodies. In addition, he utilizes his unique perspective, artistry, and extraordinary flair for songwriting to bring unparalleled entertainment to music fans everywhere.

With such amazing talent, passion, and commitment to his craft, Scotty's success will undoubtedly reach greater heights. Moving forward, the visionary intends to create more electrifying songs that will resonate with fans and music lovers worldwide. Aside from that, he plans to continue rocking out on stage as he tours all around the country.


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