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Scott "Riff" Miller ~ Guitarist from Tango Down Special Guest On 9/8/2022

Arena Rock with Attitude” does not get any better than Tango Down.  Coming up on the release of their sixth album with Kivel Records, the band is showing no signs of slowing downby consistently surpassing their previous set bars and fans expectations. This band blends in your face rock with a wall of guitars, lush backing vocals and commanding lead vocals all wrapped up in catchy hooks and melodic harmonies. They’re a must for anyone that has ever been into some of the bigger arena acts and guitar heroes of the late 80’s. They certainly wear their influences on their sleeve, but their sound is all TANGO DOWN

TANGO DOWN "This is Gonna Hurt"

We promise it was worth the wait, and This is Gonna Hurt so much, you're going to love it!!!

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