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Rob Moss and Skin-Tight Skin ~ Rock Recording Artist Special Guest On 10/20/2022

Rob was in Government Issue and Artificial Peace. DC legends of the hardcore scene. He had a little rest after these bands but was always sprinkling water on his songwriting roots until new songs emerged in 2020. I guess that feeling of creativity never really leaves you. He now has a new record out with a different guitarist guesting on each song – which isn’t immediately obvious but there are slight variances to the style throughout

From the start the record fades in and then out with “A rocket ship to you” complete with strong guitar lick and a rock n roll feel. And this is the general feel right throughout. It ebbs and flows with some tracks being slightly rockier and then slow and moody. Guitar solos depend on the guest with some more prevalent than others. There’s country rock, blues and even dipping a toe in 60’s groove with Bloody Shoes coming across like Steppingstone.

As someone who has visited New York a few times in recent years I was intrigued by Rip Van Winkle ’85. This song tells the tale of Rip Van Winkle falling asleep in 1985 and waking up to a modern-day city completely unrecognizable 3 and a half decades later

And then it all ends with I’m on a rocket ship heading my way back home. This still has that rock’n’roll feel with a solo fading the whole thing out at the end, but the water keeps flowing on the songwriting juice as it fades back in to finish off.


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