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Once Great Estate ~Americana Recording Artist Special Guest On 10/25/2021

Once Great Estate was formed in 2018 when singer/songwriter/guitarist Tracy

Horenbein enlisted the help of four fellow multi-instrumentalists to form a band of

Southern misfits. Bassist Jeffrey Chagnon, guitarist/mandolin player F. Matthew

Burns, fiddle player/guitarist Christopher Ash, and drummer Steve Burke joined

soon after. Although two of the members ended up being a Wyoming transplant

and a New Yorker, the members’ varied and vast musical backgrounds melted

together like butter on grits.

They have released an album, an EP, and 5 singles, and they perform regularly around thesoutheast region. Their releases have received critical acclaim, with one writer describingthe band's Americana sound as "cinematic Southern rock".

Normally an electrified 5-piece, they occasionally perform quieter acoustic shows in

more intimate listing rooms. Amped up or traditional, the heartfelt, thoughtful songwriting

and musicianship comes through in each performance.

When Horenbein is not performing with Once Great Estate, she is composing ambient

music under the moniker Tracy Chow. Her instrumental compositions have been featured in numerous documentaries and independent films, as well as meditation and yoga compilations. She was also featured in The Guardian magazine Folk Album of the Month for May 2021, for her solo singer-songwriter work on the Slow Movement Label’s folk compilation “Future Folk”. She also manages the Neve based recording studio Indianhead Factory in Tallahassee, Florida with her husband.



Instagram: @tracy_at_if



Spotify: Once Great Estate


CONTACT: Michael Stover/MTS


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