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Marina Massanova ~ Post Punk Recording Artist Special Guest on 2/22/2022

Roaring onto the global music scene on a half- tank full of bold, fearless feminine energy and last week’s stale Vodka, Marina Massanova is an emerging artist from Germany who’s currently bringing her daring, genre-bending anthems to the worldwide stage. Tapping into the deepest desires of the human psyche, the unstoppable singer-songwriter is a serious force to be reckoned with. Her genre is impossible to define. An intoxicating injection of Punk with a fierce overlay of Hip-hop and just the right amount of infectious, energy-fuelled angst to keep you hooked. Marina’s boundary breaking innovations enter a brave new world of punk female rap. One never explored before that leaves a colossal impact long after hearing.

She makes aggressive anthems with a timeless tinge of wild sex appeal to help people survive. Often sporting red lips, long hair; high heels and a leopard dress, the unstoppable young woman sets a brave new frontier for what a female artist can truly be. She writes, produces and performs all her own tracks, not worrying about defining a genre, rather just passionately penning the raw emotions she feels in the moment. Based out of Berlin, she’s found the perfect audience for her insanely original blend of punk-rap dance. Marina has a habit at always going to the extreme and making bold statements in her music. Not one for conformity, she goes against the grain and rather than trying to fit into a box, opts to craft something innovative that’s never been done before.

The emerging artist first became immersed in the music world during her trip to New York as part of a student exchange programme. The daughter of a professor, she notes that she went mad, relentlessly writing songs and dancing with strangers on the subway at 4am. Upon returning home to Ukraine, she picked out one of the tracks she wrote whilst in the states and hit the studio straight away. The head of the studio, Aleksey Nagornykh took a liking to her contagious spirit and they set out to work on a synth-pop EP called “Ave” together. The electrifying performances of the record were described as “SEXY LOUD HELL” and police had to intervene several times during the shows. From here she realized she was on to something and moved out to Kiev in search of a singing mentor. Here she met opera singer Elena Studinskaya who coached her. She’s since released a number of rap/hip-hop songs that have been raved about on the scene and even played on the biggest Ukranian radio stations. The rapidly rising star recently moved out to Berlin to begin making her mark even further in the world of music.


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