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Marina Massanova & Cola Ramme~Multi Genre Recording Artists Special Guests on 6/16/2024

Prepare to be captivated by the macabre as musicians Cola Ramme and Marina Massanova announce the release of their highly anticipated EP, "Uncomfortable Magic." This EP marks the second chapter in the compelling saga "Suicide Sex Hotline," a chilling narrative that explores the depths of despair and the sinister nature of a seemingly helpful service.

"Uncomfortable Magic" plunges listeners into a horror story where Marina Massanova takes on the role of a desperate caller seeking solace from the hotline, only to be ensnared in a web of darkness spun by Cola Ramme, the malevolent receiver. As Marina's character seeks help, she finds herself spiraling deeper into an abyss where every whisper holds a secret and every image is a haunting glimpse into the unknown.

This EP is a testament to artistic experimentation, blending diverse musical elements to create an immersive experience. It features an 8-minute theatrical piece that sets the stage for the unfolding horror, complemented by rap verses and instrumental interludes that heighten the tension and drama of the story.

Cola Ramme and Marina Massanova's collaboration on "Uncomfortable Magic" showcases their ability to push the boundaries of traditional music genres, creating a unique and unsettling auditory journey. The EP promises to leave listeners on edge, questioning the nature of reality and the true cost of seeking help from the darkness.

"Dare you venture forth into the darkness?" invites the artists, challenging their audience to confront their deepest fears through this groundbreaking release.

"Uncomfortable Magic" will be available on all major streaming platforms starting [release date]. Join Cola Ramme and Marina Massanova as they guide you through a labyrinth of terror and intrigue.



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