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Marcy Chin ~ Reggae Recording Artist Special Guest On 2/27/2024

In a sea of same-sounding songs, one potent lyricist continues to break through with fresh

music and, what she calls, an “intentionally undefinable” style. Marcy Chin, Jamaica’s ‘Baddest

Likkle Filly’, officially put her foot in the music ring in 2013 with the release of the mixtape Sex,

Guns and Smoke. Today, as Mek It Bunx Up approaches 54 million streams on Spotify, and her

top 5 singles near we now know that the mixtape was only just a taste.

The hardcore dancehall-neo-soul-hip-hop-house-trance-pop-inspired songs she’s laid down

on beats since then have been heard by millions around the world. From her viral songs

Warning and Cancel Rape Culture, to bonafide club bangers like When Again, Mek it Bunx Up

(with DeeWunn) and Soy Bonita, and dancehall hits including Gimme More, Street Fighter, Buzz

and Wul Night (with Skillibeng), Marcy Chin is well on the way to becoming a household name.

Her talent was long recognized by one of Jamaica’s biggest producers Kunley Da Kulprit, part

of the iconic Ward21 group, who produced Sex, Guns and Smoke along with a number of

Marcy Chin’s other singles. She began touring the world with the group in 2014, performing to

sold-out audiences across South America and Europe.

“Hearing tens of thousands of people, who don’t even speak English as a first language,

singing one of your songs word for word is a feeling I’ll never forget. That’s when I knew that

#ChinCity (the name of Marcy Chin’s fanbase) was larger than just the internet streams I was

counting in my bedroom in Kingston,” she remarked.

Marcy Chin’s international appeal extends beyond her energetic live performances; her singles

When Again, Mi Money, No Means No, and Rise all made appearances on the iTunes Reggae

Chart in Israel. The song Lipstick peaked at #3 on the iTunes Reggae Chart in Italy, and Wul

Night topped the iTunes Reggae Charts in both Finland and Slovenia.

“Doing music, writing, being creative — it’s empowering for me. I get to be my true self. That’s

part of the reason I don’t define myself with a genre. I’m moved by the sound of music, not just

a type of music. Today I might be free-styling, tomorrow I might be singing, and the day after

that I’m deejaying,” Chin says.

Now signed to Down Sound Records Marcy is looking forward to growing her current fanbase,

“finding the next beat and making music that speak to me, you and everybody in between”.


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