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Lil Hanky Panky~Reggae Recording Artist Special Guest On 7/25/2023

Lil Hanky Panky is best described as a dream-chasing dancer and music aficionado who is

driven and focused on making her big entertainment-related dreams a reality. Lil Hanky Panky

was born Lilie Gorchkov to Russian parents in Hannover, Germany, the 4th largest city in

northern Germany.

She attended the Hochschule für Musik Theater und Medien (College for Musical Studies,

Theater and Media) in Hannover and developed an early love for dancing. By the time she was

an adult, she had become a professional dancer. "I've been dancing since I could walk, I started

with ballet, but since then, I have danced my way through a lot of dance styles: hip hop, pole

dancing, cheerleading, contemporary, heels dance, and of course, dancehall. When I was 16, I

got into fitness and made a living off dancing and fitness, doing shows for artists, video shoots

and teaching. I also learned guitar and bass and drums and started music in Germany", she


She became the first female to audition and become accepted to study guitar at the

Hochschule für Musik Theater und Medien (College for Musical Studies, Theater and Media) at

18 years old. Studying music enabled her to interact with brands from a broad cross-section of

genres, and she even gained musical experience touring with a reggae-dancehall band called

Peace Development Crew. "I had started working early, at 15 years old, to earn money for

guitar lessons and was always working," she continued, "Music and dance were always

parallel, and both are passions of mine. I did dance classes as a child, was always on shows as

well as video productions".

A true child of wanderlust, Lil Hanky Panky has travelled the world, expanding her palette for the

arts and her knowledge of various cultures. Her journeys came to an end when she discovered a

place to call home in Jamaica. There she fell in love with the people, the food and most of all, the

vibrant dancehall and reggae culture, which is the lifeblood of the island. Lilie came to Jamaica in

2018 to immerse herself in dancehall culture; she took some dancehall dance classes and fell in

love with the island.

She became so infatuated with dancehall culture that she established herself dancing in popular

videos for the likes of world-renowned dancehall artists like Sean Paul. She was soon looking for a

way to move to Jamaica and further dig into the infectious culture. Lilie established herself as one

to watch on the dancehall scene while teaching hip-hop and heels dance classes, appearing at

popular events and, of course, dancing in music videos.

Incidentally, in Jamaica, Lil Hanky Panky first stepped into a recording booth to do her own songs,

and she has never looked back since. Over the last few months, she has been working with

beatmakers such as Grammy award-winning producer 'Teetimus' to blend her Eurocentric pop

stylings with dancehall and world music and craft an authentic new sound that is distinctly her

own. She recently collaborated with Sizzla on a new single that is set to be released in summer

2021. Her growing discography now boasts 4 singles ‘Brand Me a Rebel', 'First of August', 'Life In

Contradiction' and 'Sativa'. Given a chance, she hopes to work with Bounty Killer, Spice and

Shenseea to make great music.

Lil Hanky Panky recently got a significant boost with her single, 'Sativa', that went viral because of a

chance encounter with a homeless man on set. The accompanying visuals racked up over 55,000

views within two weeks of its release, propelled to go viral on social media due to her interactions

with the homeless man better known as Stamma. In the wake of that success, Jamaicans from all

walks of life have embraced her. 'Sativa' was produced by platinum-selling record producer

Teetimus who produced 'So A Child May Follow' on Damian Marley's Grammy-winning Stony Hill


The spunky artiste is gearing up to do performances this summer, starting with a showcase of her

music in July 2021. She is also working relentlessly on her 5 track debut EP, which is scheduled to

be released later in 2021. Lil Hanky Panky is managed by Marlon Hutchinson of After 13 Music and

is looking forward to travelling the world and bringing her Pop/dancehall/EDM fusion sound to the

four corners of the earth. 

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