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Lee Daniel ~ Rock Recording Artist Special Guest On11/1/2022

Lee Daniel is a solo artist hailing originally from Caracas, Venezuela and brought up in Miami. Being heavily influenced from a very young age by an extremely artistic family (professional artist mother, internationally acclaimed Opera singer grandmother amongst many others) Lee Daniel caught the musical fever early, gravitating naturally to the world of Rock, being exposed to the greats of the time including Queen, The Police, Black Sabbath and many, many more. Following the Grunge explosion of the early nineties, Lee Daniel was gifted his first electric guitar at the age of fourteen. The obsession bordered on the unhealthy (as it continues to be to this day) as he spent any available time honing his proficiency on his instrument of choice. Beginning toward his late teenage years Lee Daniel played in a broad array of local Miami area bands, usually taking the role of lead guitarist adding color and soul to whatever project was at hand. Moving to New York in his twenties he took on the role of lead singer for the first time fronting the band “Mikki Munday” as well as playing solo acoustic sets extensively in some of New York Cities most well known creative haunts. With his full length 2018 release “Underwater Wireman’s Club” album under his belt Lee Daniel decided to write his next effort “Lee Daniel II” (to be released in October, 2022) based on not only the earth changing events of last several years, but also as he states in his own words “An exorcism of my life until now”. These new tracks sway between Doningtonesque sweaty, raucous shout along choruses and sweet introspective, soul searching balladry with unusual ease. Borrowing from pages of the mighty Tom Petty, Malcolm Young, Lemmy Kilmister and Scott Weiland, Lee Daniel boldly casts aside trends and nonsense to bring forward a new sound as comfortable as a your favorite pair of jeans (or studded leather pants).

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