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Kitoto Sunshine Love Soul And R&B Recording Artist Special Guest On 8/3/2021

In 1976 Bobby Hebb did an R & B / Disco song, Proud Soul Heritage.

He also performed a more folksy/blues version live, which is also amazing.

His daughter, Kitoto Sunshine Love, went in the studio and recorded

a rendition of Proud Soul Heritage that is R & B / Roots / Gospel.

Kitoto Sunshine Love covers Bobby Hebb's Proud Soul Heritage

"Proud Soul Heritage" and "Love You" by Kitoto Sunshine Love, both written by Bobby Hebb, are on the

Boston Rock & Roll Anthology Chapter #21

Kitoto's performances are on

on the Boston Rock & Roll Anthology Chapter #21, now in release

Hear the album here: Chapter #21 on Mixcloud: Mastered by Rob Fraboni.

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