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Kenny Selcer ~ Singer/Songwriter Special Guest On 12/28/23

"a sizzling blend of Americana, folk, rock, roots, reggae, and everything in between, that will get your toes tappin', your head noddin' up and down, your mouth singin', your brain thinkin' and maybe even get you dancin' in the aisles!"

Ask Kenny Selcer why it is that he plays music, and he's likely to respond as though he was on stage. Without missing a beat, he becomes electric. He speaks of defying categories, breaking down barriers and fusing idioms and cultures. Of his live performances (whether solo or with his band) he says, "It's as though someone keeps changing the channel."

Indeed, Kenny weaves a masterful, fluid thread through genre after genre in his riveting live performances in his solo performances (and with his bands). He traverses the musical map with infectious melodies and unstoppable rhythms. He soothes the spirit, rocks the house and melts into a seductive, bluesy groove. It’s a unique uplifting sound that comes through both live and on disc! It’s an uplifting and transcendent romp through style after style.

Kenny is at equally at home on solo acoustic guitar as he is with a band. He has performed everywhere as a solo singer/songwriter honing his songs and solo performing on the vital New England acoustic scene. He has also led bands from duos to 6 pieces led by his mesmerizing guitar & intimate vocals. Whatever the musical situation he paints sparkling vignettes and visions exploring life’s complexities and wonders. His latest CD is I Simplify.

“Through candid storytelling and inspired guitar play, Kenny Selcer delivers a stimulating mind-body listening experience. Engaging tales of relationship pain, frustration, hope and desire will provoke listeners to revisit thoughts of their own relationships. Listeners will not, however, find themselves stewing in self-reflection for very long as Selcer's lively guitar licks send them truckin' on down the road to relationship renewal.” - Dennis Carlan, Lyric Tree Publishing

"Kenny Selcer has put together an album of memorable tunes and sensational picking." - Joseph Tortelli, Music Business News

"The entire work is one warm vibe that you ride through on the strength of Selcer’s pleasant, mellifluous vocal." - Bill Copeland,

“Imagine David Bromberg, Jackson Browne, early Donovan, Steve Forbert, Tom Petty, and Paul Simon percolating in ...a room. That paints a clearer picture of Kenny’s latest material. Further accented by his own copyright stamp the results are pure pleasure from the opening tune (the title cut) to the finale (which by the way ends with the reprise).” – Craig Fenton, Jefferson Airplane/Starship biographer

“Selcer produces well-crafted songs with a variety of deliveries that makes the album an unexpected listening experience.” –

Kenny’s latest CD: “This is a wonderful CD! It is an excellent collection of well-crafted songs, sensitively presented. Your voice shines, your guitar-playing is perfection, the arrangements are excellent, whether you are playing & singing alone or presenting a song with one or more of your talented accompanists. I’ve enjoyed the album on a first listen, and even more on a second listen. It’s a very hopeful collection of pieces. The songs go down easily – excellent melodies and chord choices.” Ellen Schmidt, musician, producer

“The most powerful thing I’ve noticed about Kenny Selcer’s album, Don’t Forget About Me, is this: listening to it makes me feel good. Don’t get me wrong- this isn’t simple, superficial music. Nothing of the sort. These songs are songs that tell the truth about what it is like to be alive - facing loss, facing the future, facing our task here on earth: to create a life that is authentic & meaningful. How can I help but feel good in the presence of music that is this kind of real? Add to this, the fact that these are wonderfully crafted songs- that Kenny’s voice rings true, and that his guitar playing is transcendental- and you have a winning combination. Thanks for making this for us all - you have cooked us up a delicious banquet of sound!” - Lynn McKenna, music lover, singer, musician.


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