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Kayleigh Matthews ~ Country Recording Artist Special Guest On 4/25/2023

Kayleigh Mathews is a Country Music singer-songwriter and Nashville recording artist. Her love for music began in Arizona at a young age with genre influences deeply rooted in Bluegrass, Gospel and Traditional Country. She began honing her songwriting craft while being inspired by her southwestern hometown and life experiences, ultimately sharing a glimpse at life through song. With her ever-growing passion for singing, writing and performing, she moved to Nashville in 2018. Kayleigh knew the only way to feed the hunger within was to come to the home of Country Music, Honky Tonks and, of course, the Grand Ole Opry!

In 2020, Kayleigh released her debut single “Crashing Down”. “Every song I release is true and from my life in some way. I may not come out and say exactly what happened word for word, I want to leave some interpretation up to the listener. Songwriting is a way of healing, encouraging, and saving a memory for me. My hope is for my music to not only do that for myself but also for others. After all, that’s what makes music so powerful.” In 2021, she released her single “Unconditional” which gained international AirPlay on UK Country Radio. In May 2021, Kayleigh cowrote with her producer, Dave Smith, her song titled “Love Nashville” highlighting the passion and determination it takes to be a singer-songwriter in today’s music.

With growing success from her music and touring nationally, she was invited to sing the National Anthem at the Cheyenne Frontier Days Rodeo in Wyoming in 2022. She’s had interviews on “Today’s Hot Country – The Fox” (Texas Radio), KVOI – The Voice (Tucson, AZ) and 92.9 The Bull (iHeart Radio – Tucson, AZ). Kayleigh continues to write and perform at venues throughout the US promoting her newest EP “Turn Out The Lights”. It is a perfect example of her Honky Tonk roots, powerful vocals, and incredible song writing abilities that can only be found in her original music.


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