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Kalonda Kay ~ Singer/Actress Special Guest On 7/18/2023

Born and raised in St. Louis, MO surrounded by successful business owners within her family and a grandmother who shared her life in the entertainment world, Kalonda followed in her footsteps and began dance and music as early as 5 years old. She began dancing at Judy Best Talent Center and began singing opera at the Fox Theater's Annual “Nutcracker” production from age 6 – 15 with the Gospel Music Workshop of America.

  She has used her many talents and has been blessed with opportunities in various areas of entertainment.  She began teaching dance throughout the St. Louis Region as early as 19 years of age.  In 2010 Kalonda earned a leading role in the historical Urban Hip-Hop Musical held at the historical Black Repertory Theater based in St. Louis, MO.  “Real Life” was directed and produced by Joel PE. King founder of JPEK Theatre Group as her first acting experience. She not only had a leading role but was also cast as a lead dancer and vocalist. Kalonda continued to utilize her dance experience throughout the years by performing with many national and local recording artists. 

She also received a record deal as a vocal artist with “Universal Records” at the age of 21.  She’s currently and independent lead singer showcasing with various local bands performing at various public and private events throughout the area. 


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