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Jessie Berkshires ~ Singer/Songwriter Special Guest On 2/21/2024

Jessie Berkshires is a vocalist, songwriter, and visual artist. She crafts electronic soundscapes that narrate tales of love, loss, pain, and hope. Berkshires' authenticity to produce captivating visuals for each song leaves a lasting impact, inspiring a profound connection to her music.


"Testify," the latest from singer-songwriter Jessie Berkshires, is a haunting blend of emotive storytelling amidst a dark electronic soundscape. Co-produced by Berkshires' husband and best friend, this collaborative track delves into the emotional complexities of confronting deceit. The song’s profound storytelling and evocative sound design create a captivating invitation to dive into the enigmatic depths of truth and revelation. With a resolve to bear witness, "Testify" is an immersive sonic experience that pushes boundaries and invites listeners on a journey through uncertainty.

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