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Five D Fit ~ Rock Recording Artists Special Guests On 3/11/2022

David Starr and Brad Daigle are going against the grain on debut single, released on February 10, 2022. The song was inspired by Starr's "Galactic Meeting." WINNEPEG, MANITOBA, CANADA, February 23, 2022 -- On February 10, 2022, Winnepeg-based duo FiveDFit released their debut single, "Super Galactic." Having worked together in previous bands, friends and members David Starr (vocals) and Brad Daigle (drums) set out to break the mold with their sound. Recorded with producer Chris Micheal at Soda Room Studios, "Super Galactic" brings to mind an alternative 90s rock flavor. But the throwback sound of "Super Galactic" is only one aspect of the song. The story behind the song is just as fascinating. David Starr explains, "About 2 months ago, I had a Pleiaden star ship visit me at night. A cosmic twin of an aspect of me came off, with her child, to introduce her and her family to my aspect, and to show me the Pleiaden planet where they live. There was also a second ship. After our discussion, they told me to look who to is coming off. This beautiful being looks at me, and in that moment, it was like time froze. My eyes could not look away, and my heart literally melted. I realized fairly quick this being was an aspect of the Amazing Ellie Orion. I had mostly known Ellie before this, for her outstanding energy scans. Naturally I messaged Ellie, and she confirmed she was becoming aware of this aspect.' "It is important to note this was a galactic meeting, and it did take me a few weeks to get my head from space to earth reality. I want to thank Ellie for helping me get through this. Ellie taught me a lot in this time. I am grateful for her friendship. Thank you Ellie for inspiring my heart. I have never put my heart, joy & passion even close to the depth I gave in making this song and video." Watch the "Super Galactic" video at ### Michael Stover MTS Management Group


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