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Duane Morano Guitarist From The Band Morano Special Guest On 5/30/2021

The heavy rock band, Morano has delivered retro beats with unique guitar riffs in their popular track. They have created a memorable edge with the track Heartsfeaturing Terry Ilous from their popular 13-track album ‘Incognito’. Hard rock sounds and strong melodies have found new meaning as they have taken a leaf out of the rock band of the 80s. Duane Morano happens to be the guitarist of the band and his exemplary performance in the maiden full-length album is awesome. The track was released by the avant-garde label titled ‘Morano’. The band is from the USA and it is located in Washington DC and it boasts appearances by the talented Pat Badger from Extreme, Michael Foster from Firehouse, Terry Ilous from XYZ, Danny Vaughn from Tyketto to name a few.


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