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Drew Lines Hip Hop Artist Special Guest On 12/4/2020

Drew Lines, born Andrew Wold is an artist from Green Bay Wi. Drew started writing at the age of 13 while in and out of foster homes. With over 500 poems of which a few were published, and one titled “Rose” went on to win 1st place in The International Poets Society. "Growing up was a struggle, a hard-fought battle, but every man's struggle is their own, and i have made it through what i hope to be the worst of my own.” After years of the street life, organized crime and hustling, it finally caught up to Drew, “I was arrested on gun charges and doin what i thought i had to do, it was who i was as a person at that point in my life, never really cared about more than the money and the fast lane, sometimes you get stuck in the fast lane, i did, i grew up like this so it wasn’t wrong to me” In 2007 Drew was released from prison. “I went right back to the same life, Gang Bangin and hustling, it was in my nature”. Drew met his now wife Quinn and had 2 children within 2 years. “I chilled a little bit after that, i had more to do, more to live for, examples to set”. In 2010 Drew started a group “The Brotherhood” with his older brother C.J. A.K.A. Sycoscribble. They quickly wrote and recorded more than enough tracks to put their debut album together titled “Initiation”. The Brotherhood gained a lot of momentum and climbed quickly, becoming a fan favorite to so many, “people always came up at shows and would say they could feel the authenticity and realism in each track". With songs such as Defying Gravity, Never Fall, No Pain and many more becoming many personal favorites. The Brotherhood worked with F.M.G. Which is Rick Ross’s label, the real Rick Ross. Songs Everything & Nothing , as well as Rollin, were both songs created with artists Glace Conway and Project Pat of Three 6 Mafia. They also worked with Solomon Childs of Wu-Tang. The Brotherhood was in the process of doing a song with rapper Plies, with plans to shoot a video for Rollin in Memphis. But sadly Drew’s brother C.J. passed away in 2014. While Drew had started another group under the name Tigga, called Sheol Dynasty, with friend and producer Scott Keller A.K.A. Space Kase prior to the death of his brother, everything came to a halt for Drew. “It was like having a part of me ripped from myself when i got the call about my brother, he was my best friend, my inspiration, it was us against the world”. After about 6 months of a downhill slide, Drew started to do shows again, Sheol Dynasty started to hit hard, growing quickly with their amazing energy and popular songs such as Because I Can, Made, Watch Where You Walk feat. Solomon Childs, Try Me, and many more. after a tour around the U.S. just when things started to really move, Drew and his wife Quinn were in a horrible car accident, resulting in Drew being thrown out of the windshield. Breaking every bone in the right side of his body, fracturing his skull and breaking his hip and back, Drew was told after waking from coma that he may not walk again. So many months of physical therapy later, he defied the odds, Sheol Dynasty linked up with Successful Music Group S.M.G. out of Fort Wayne Indiana. They toured the country again, this time it was a 47 show 50 day tour. While on tour and promoting their album “Immortals” they quickly grew again, being interviewed and having the track “Made” played on radio. Sheol Dynasty also just released another album titled “Eternal” in 2020. With songs featuring Solomon Childs, T-Zank, Escobar Jones, Illvibe, Ben Frankie, and many more. They have worked with and done shows with artists such as , Adlib, Overtime, Crazy Bone, Stevie Stone, Whitney Peyton, Terminology, Reef The Lost Cauze (AOTP), Bubba Sparxxx, Kutt Calhoun, Dez Demona, D12, and Dizzy Disasta to name a few. “Its been a long road, but quoting ain't in me, I’m always ready for more”. About 4 years ago Drew met Chris Dobry of Stryker Records. “ At the time I had just purchased about 15k in live sound and lights to be self-sufficient, I started a live sound business with my life long friend Joey Geartig, Main Stage Media M.S.M.” Drew and partner Joey trademarked and started The Hip Hop World Series. Now with Chris Dobry and Stryker in the picture, Drew has started to work on a solo album. “Music has saved me, many times over, it is my life, I have 3 kids and a beautiful wife, I need to show them how to prevail no matter what the odds are”. This is a fraction of who Drew Lines is and what he will be.


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