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Drew Lines & Caesar Reddington ~ Hip Hop Recording Artists Special Guest On 2/6/2023

Drew Lines Shares his Journey With Highly-Anticipated Single "Bangarang"

The music industry is a world filled with incredibly talented individuals captivating the sounds of nations with a unique blend of storytelling and songwriting. However, in this sea of skills and accomplishment, not all artists can retain their spark as time passes, find their unique voice, and stand out among many. One music artist that has managed to dominate the industry and reach tremendous success is chart-topping hip-hop artistDrew Lines.

Born Andrew D. Wold, Drew Lines is one fast-rising hip-hop artist with a distinctive fuel determined to bring his creative twists and vigor to the music industry and change the hip-hop music scene with his wide creative range. Drew Lines became the first hip-hop artist to be signed by Stryker Records, a label known for releasing rock music. However, despite being a recent addition to the Stryker Records family, Drew has long been involved in the music scene - initially viewing the auditory art as an outlet for his childhood misfortunes.

Growing up was a struggle, a hard-fought battle, but every man's struggle is their own, and I have made it through what I hope to be the worst of my own," he said.

Leveraging sound and writing as a manner of self-expression, Drew started writing at the age of 13 while at a boy's prison, where he would write poems and send them home. He wrote over 500 poems, and soon, his thoughtful words and creative use of rhyme shot him to prominence in literature and music. On top of that, he caught the attention of The International Poets Society, resulting in a first-place distinction for his published poetry piece "Rose."

Since breaking into the music industry under the record label Stryker Records, the go-getter continues to dominate the scenes, captivating his listeners with expertly intertwined metaphorical lyrics and soulful beats. In the fall of 2021, Drew Lines single "Rise" went viral and topped the NACC chart at #18. On the M3 Radio chart in Brooklyn, the hit single also peaked at number one on the top 10 Hip Hop category and topped the charts on the "all genre" top 30 charts. Additionally, with a short radio campaign in November of 2021, the single "Love is War" hit #9 on the M3Radio Hip Hop Chart just in its third week after release.

Additionally, in April of 2022, Drew Lines "15 Minutes of Fame" featuring Scotty Austin charted at #25 in the Nation on the NACC Top 30. Aptly named, the song managed to make 11 regional charts across the US, including four #1's, including a #1 in the Heavy rock category at WERU in East Orland, Maine. Also, the single topped the charts on M3Radio in Brooklyn, displacing Snoop Dog's "Algorithm" released by Def Jam to the second position, as it takes its place on the #1 spot on the Hip Hop Top 10, #1 on the Heavy Rock Top 10 and #6 on the Top 30 Chart which includes all genres.

This past September, the chart-topping artist recorded and fine-tuned his new single "Bangarang" featuring Caesar Reddington, with renowned producer Chuck Alkazian at Pearl Sound Studios in Detroit. A Michigan native, Chuck Alkazian has a diverse portfolio developing, producing, recording, mixing and consulting for countless diverse artists in all musical genres. He has produced songs for A-list artists such as Royce Da 5'9", Eminem, Chris Cornell, Trust Company, Pop Evil, The Romantics and Sponge.

In an interview, Drew Lines described working alongside Chuck Alkazian as one of the best experiences of his music career. "Chuck is a phenomenal artist, producer, engineer and, most importantly, a great human being. I learned a lot from him about a whole new area of this rap game and music in general. The thought, time and attention put into this single we created, is incredible," he shared.

Bangarang is more than just a song. It is a song that delves into Drew Lines journey from going to a juvenile prison to becoming a musical sensation. "This track means a lot to me. It has everything to do with my past, present, and where I'm aiming for the future," the gifted artist shared. "Bangarang is a track that many can relate to. We have all been lost and felt the weight of hunger, loss, and realism. This song is about the ability to endure, maintain control of your dreams and smile through adversity. It's about causing a stir, holding onto those dreams you had as a child, learning how to adapt and not caring what anyone thinks," he added. With "Bangarang" already making waves, there is much to come from Pearl Sound and Drew Lines.

Beating the odds repeatedly, Drew Lines has proven himself an unstoppable music artist. As if cementing that reputation, his latest song, "Bangarang," was released through Stryker Records on January 6th, 2023, foretells his unchallenged ascent to the top.

Record Label- StrykerRecords


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