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Doug Kistner ~ Keyboardist/Vocalist Special Guest On 2/15/2024

Yacht rock supergroup Studio D’Lux’s new single “Silence is Louder” is a songwriting 101 example of fundamentals at their near zenith. Keyboardist and vocalist Doug Kistner’s-led project enlists the talents of luminaries such as Steely Dan guitarist Jon Herington, Billy Joel’s longtime drummer Liberty Devitto, crack bassist Malcolm Gold, Tom Timko’s woodwinds, and vocalists Glen Burtnik from Styx along with Reagan Richards. This unique conglomeration of talent could produce a disjointed hodgepodge, but under Kistner’s auspices, it comes together as an unified whole. “Silence is Louder” sparkles as an example of classic rock at its best and most relevant.


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