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Dom Colizzi Pop Artist Special Guest On 7/19/2021

Dom Colizzi Bio 2021

"I'm just a small town kid with a big city dream." - Dom Colizzi

Dom Colizzi is an American Singer/Songwriter, Actor, Composer, and Entrepreneur. Originally a Maine-native, Dom has lived around the country from LA to Nashville, so as to be expected, Dom has a "coast to coast" sound. Coming from a musical family, it's only natural that Dom has music in his blood. The multi-talented singer/songwriter plays the piano, guitar, percussion, and produces his own records for sync licensing and personal releases.

Dom's troubled high school experience turned into an Indie-short film, “Somebody’s Hero” directed by Zane Stephens (Vampire Diaries, The Internship) in 2016.

In the film, his music was featured as the soundtrack; Since then, Dom has been working on additional movie soundtracks.

Career Highlights -

- Composed 3 Independent Movie Soundtracks (Somebody's hero, The Man Walks Away, Void).

- Featured as a lead in Nashville's Stormlight Pictures' series, "Twelve"

- Indie-Short-Film "Somebody's Hero" (2016) made about Dom's life

- Self-Produced and Directed single and music video, "Anything But Mine" (2017)

- Self-Produced Artist - "Red Rum", "Slowly", "Demons"

- Signed as a Composer/Producer with The Score Keepers for Sync licensing

Social Focus -

"Somebody's Hero" National Independent Anti-Bully Tour, sharing his story of battling depression and a speech-impediment, to inspire and encourage the youth's fair, as well as spread awareness of bullying. At the age of 19, doctors cut the cord under his tongue, in hopes of curing his lisp and stutter. Dom immediately moved to LA following the recovery of the surgery, where he re-learned how to speak correctly. From there, Dom found his voice and writing ability and never looked back.

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