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Denny Smith ~ Singer/Guitarist from The Great Affairs Special Guest On 6/27/2022

October 2020 saw the release of ‘Everybody Moves, Nobody Gets Hurt.’, the 5th LP from Nashville, TN’s The Great Affairs. Dropping a record in the midst of a global pandemic made hitting the road practically impossible, but despite only being able to play a handful of shows in support of it, and the band undergoing a lineup change to boot during this time, the album still managed to perform well, and garner substantial accolades along the way.

Now, midway through 2022, The Great Affairs have commenced work on a followup, once again helmed by Grammy-winning Mixer/Engineer Michael Saint-Leon(Buddy Guy, Christone “Kingfish” Ingram). The new material finds the band delivering more of the Pop-infused Classic Rock stylings they’ve become known for, albeit with a slightly harder edge this time around, perhaps due in part to the addition of Corey “Rizzo” Rozzoni (Burden Bros.) on lead guitar.

On July 8th, in advance of the full-length, the band are releasing the ‘StrangeLuv’ EP, which includes 2 versions of the title track(album mix & radio edit), as well as 3 remixes from the last album, featuring the current lineup.

Built around a slithering, Aerosmith-inspired riff, “StrangeLuv” is a greasy, tongue-in-cheek dismissal of that one you wish would get away. Cue the “album version” to get a short coda; another groove altogether, complete with a bit of guitar “head-cutting” to take things out, or spin the slightly truncated “radio edit”, and get the tune at its shortest and (arguably) sweetest.

StrangeLuv EP track listing:

1) StrangeLuv(album version)

2) Worn Out Souls(2021 remix)

3) I’m Alright(2021 remix)

4) High On Rose(2021 remix)

5) StrangeLuv(radio edit)

StrangeLuv (Music/Lyrics: D. Smith)

Produced by The Great Affairs with Michael Saint-Leon

Mixed by Michael Saint-Leon at The Switchyard Recording Studio - Nashville, TN


Denny Smith: vocals, rhythm & lead guitars, harmonica, keys

Corey “Rizzo” Rozzoni: lead & rhythm guitars, vocals

Matt Andersen: bass, vocals

Kenny Wright: vocals, drums, percussion



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