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Cassidy Paris ~ Rock Recording Artist Special Guest On 8/8/2021

Australian teenage rock chick Cassidy Paris will release her brand new single ‘Wannabe’ on July 23rd from the forthcoming brand new ep ‘FLIRT’ – out on September 1st.

The rock and edgy pop anthem, Wannabe (her 7th single at just 18yo), sees Cassidy delivering a song based on personal experience about society’s obsession with popularity.

Her talents have not gone unnoticed by one of the major guitar giants Fender, lending their support by joining forces with Cassidy to bring her on as an endorsee of Fender Squier Guitars.

Further to this, Cassidy has been acknowledged as a semi-finalist for her song writing efforts in the International Songwriting Competition (ISC) for Best Rock Song and Best Unsigned Artist.



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