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Behind the Album with Byron Lee Scott~ from Harmony Dreamers on 12/12/2022

The first Harmony Dreamers album is an extraordinary group of musicians and singers from around the world. The humorous title track, "I Come from Earth," features more than 20 backup singers, representing every continent except Antarctica, which is under international treaty. The album is a collection of upbeat, family-friendly original songs from producer, singer and multi-instrumentalist Byron Lee Scott. The music is heavily guitar and synthesizer based, with lots of drums, percussion, and amazing bass guitar players. On various songs, there are orchestrations, a vibraphone, a clarinet, and sound effects. Scott sings all the male vocals, with silky smooth tones and a low, wide vocal range. The album features seven female vocalists, chosen to fit each song, and as you might expect, the vocal harmonies are most interesting. credits released August 26, 2022

Join Jimi & Byron for a discussion as they break down each song track by track and the stories behind them !


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