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Andrew Adkins ~ Singer/Songwriter Special Guest On 1/31/2023

Rattlesnake Motions is Andrew Adkins’ first full-length offering of new material since 2020’s The Echoist. Including the recently unveiled “Broken Fangs,” Rattlesnake Motions includes 11 new, genre-fluid songs. The eclectic lineup of tunes features Adkins on all instruments, and programming. From the sci-fi-inspired, groove-laden “Satellite Mind”, the retro-rock vibes of “Divided Lines, the synth-heavy swagger of “Mysterious Engines” and “Quebrado”. There are even hints of old school country with “Whites Creek Rose”.

Rattlesnake Motions is available for order, Digitally, Rattlesnake Motions can be ordered though Apple Music & Spotify.


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