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Jamie Fontaine And The Level Special Guests On 10/22/2020

“Jamie Fontaine & The Level, from Green Bay, Wisconsin, recently released a self titled debut album on Stryker Records that will fill your earbuds with all of the contemporary rock sounds they can handle. Colby Peters does a great job building the foundations of all 10 tracks from behind the drum kit. Joseph Weise lays down some killer bass lines, that you should really keep an ear out for, especially on “Bad Side”. And then there is Jamie Fontaine. When you are the guitarist/vocalist for a 3 piece band, you are taking on quite the load. It’s not an easy feat. Fontaine doesn’t just pull it off, he nails it! His voice is perfectly suited for the genre, as a cross between the late, great, Layne Staley (Alice in Chains), Scott Stapp (Creed), and Shaun Morgan (Seether). It’s a deep, bassy tone, but the man also has that perfectly controlled rock howl when the songs call for it. On top of that, his guitar skills are more than proficient as he wails on some killer solos throughout t”

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