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Billy Ray Rock Special Guest On 7/22/2020

Singer-Bassist Billy Ray Rock: the 1st African American rock artist since Lenny Kravitz-maybe even Jimi Hendrix. Described by some as a dance-rock artist. Some call him a modern day “Prince". Billy Ray plays more than 10 instruments and produces and performs every instrument you hear in his music. He delivers tracks in the genres on rock and R&B dance, simply put he is the “King of Ghetto Rock”

Living in Washington state Billy Ray Rock is a solo artist who is “one of the most dynamic live performers ever seen" -Blogger-,Damian Williamson

This single “Get The Funk" is an instant R & B Funk classic. This funk-driven pop song has Billy Ray's soulful vocals to make this track so catchy. This is a single from his yet to be released album titled Bad News. Drawing from Billy Ray's history in music study and influences from classic rock and R&B acts like America, The Eagles, Billy Idol,Cameo, Earth Wind & Fire, Rick James and of course Prince, just to name a few. His signature vocals and unique ground-breaking arrangements tie it all together.

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