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Brian Vollmer Lead Singer Of The Band Helix Special Guest On On 5/12/2020

A tenacious Canadian hard rock/heavy metal crew based out of Ontario, Helix emerged in 1974 with a sound that boasted both a high decibel count and commercial appeal. After landing an international hit in 1984 with the single "Rock Me," which appeared on their chart-topping fourth studio LP, Walkin' the Razor's Edge, the band endured a series of hardships that included the onset of grunge music and the 1992 death of guitarist Paul Hackman. Despite experiencing myriad lineup changes, Helix have soldiered on through the decades with vocalist Brian Vollmer serving as the sole constant member, and they've released 14 full-length albums, including It's a Business Doing Pleasure (1993), The Power of Rock and Roll (2007), and Old School (2019).


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