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Unlimiter Special Guests On The Record Machine Show Podcast May 27, 2019

UNLIMITER was formed by lead guitarist/songwriter Brian Pallister and guitarist/lead vocalist/songwriter Kevin Blundell (Slider) in December of 2018. Bassist, Tim Dupont, joined the band in January 2019. Presently the band does not have a permanent drummer and recruits several professional drummer for recording sessions and live work.

Kevin wrote songs for Love Chain (1987 - 1996). Love Chain landed a recording contract due to industry interest being initially sparked by one of Kevin’s songs, Gimme Gimme Never Gets (1989). Before the formation of Love Chain, Kevin played in Ottawa band The Republic, formed in 1980. One of Kevin’s songs was entered into a battle of the bands contest in 1985. The Republic won the contest. Kevin recently released a solo album (July 2018) and is presently working on a follow up solo record while working with UNLIMITER.

Brian Pallister is, quite frankly, an exceptional guitarist and music writer. He was the lead guitarist of the band Antix, which came close to landing a recording contract in the late 1980s before the band split up. Brian has worked with different musicians providing guitar work for several solo artists over the years. Brians music is arguably the main reason why UNLIMITER has songs that the band members feel are very strong inspiring songs that are current and energetic.

Within days of the formation of UNLIMITER, bass guitarist Tim Dupont was asked to join the band and accepted. Tim played and wrote songs with Kevin in the bands Republic and Love Chain. After the break up of Love Chain, Tim joined Artificial Joy Club (AJC) and wrote the music for all of their songs. AJC landed a recording contract with Interscope Records and put out one album before the band split up.

The songs of UNLIMTER are very unique. The songs go through a process that begins with Brian writing unusual guitar riffs and chording. Kevin takes Brian’s musical ideas and offers song arrangement ideas while writing the songs lyrics and melodies. Brian and Kevin work together to finalize arrangements and Kevin typically writes small sections of music that link all of Brian’s music into cohesive songs.

Brian writes music in a very unusual D# tuning. You will never see Brian playing standard chords. When Kevin first watched Brian play he asked Brian what chords he was playing because he did not recognize what Brian was playing and Brian would typically say “not sure.” “The root is G, I think” etc. Brian tends to find soundscapes musically that feel and sound great which is why UNLIMITER’s songs are so unique. “Brian’s music inspires me to write the words and melodies for the songs.” “It inspired me to work on the arrangements and ideas.” “I am so excited about the songs and even more excited about the songs that we have yet to write together.” ~ Kevin.

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