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Billy Vera Special Guest On The Record Machine Show Podcast March 6, 2019

Billy’s musical career spans the past four decades and many different musical genres, from R&B to Soul, from Country to Rock-n-roll. Often compared to the vocal stylings of the great blues singers, he remains one of the most respected and greatest vocalists of our time.

Not only is Billy Vera (born William McCord. on May 28, 1944 in Riverside, CA) a rock historian, he’s made some rock history himself over the last quarter century. Vera wrote for the likes of Barbara Lewis and Rick Nelson during the mid-’60s before recording his “Storybook Children” as an R&B duet with Judy Clay in 1967 for Atlantic. It proved a solid hit, as did their 1968 follow-up “Country Girl – City Man.”

Vera re-surfaced as a solo artist in 1987 when “At This Moment,” a song he’d cut in 1981 with his band, Billy Vera & the Beaters, was featured on the popular TV sitcom Family Ties and topped the pop charts on Rhino. Vera has also compiled and annotated many CD reissue projects, notably the Legends of Specialty series.

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