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David Hope Drummer Of The Band Apocalyptic Lovers Special Guest On The Record Machine Show Podcast F

After consulting with former Guns ‘n Roses and Great White manager, Alan Niven, the Apocalyptic Lovers return with Redemption Volume I, mixed by producer Michael Wagener (Dokken, Extreme, Metallica, Motley Crue, Ozzy, Poison, Queen and Skid Row, to name a few). The band consists of all four original members: Dave Hope – Drums Robert Kane – Vocals Sean Magee – Guitar Mike Nagy – Bass The album was mixed in Nashville with Michael Wagener at his Wireworld Studio and pairs well with all of Mr. Wagener’s stable of artists. The album is currently available worldwide. The Apocalyptic Lovers (formerly Love And War 1991-1997) played regionally, and made it to LA in 1994. The LA excursion led to a big mention in Entertainment Weekly, which gained them two distribution deals. For more on their story and music please use the following links: WHO THE HELL ARE YOU (LIVE VIDEO): THE GROOVE (LIVE VIDEO): FULL BAND BIO: SPOTIFY: REDEMPTION VOLUME I TRACK LISTING: Better Days Killing for a Living Change of Frequency Who the Hell are You Left in the Cold The Groove These Tears Dying Day Note: Depending on length of set, the band will toss in cover(s) by Quiet Riot, Dokken, Saigon Kick or even Metallica.

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