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Mike Floros Special Guest On The Record Machine Show Podcast January 24, 2019

Mike is the Guitarist for the bands Idora and Steelcity. SteelCity is a hard rock band signed to the Kivel Records label. Steelcity Just added new vocalist Roy Cathey and are currently recording brand new material for the next CD Release.

Idora is an L.A. based band with deep ties to Youngstown, Ohio. Growing up in the Idora neighborhood, both lead singer Brian Colkitt and guitarist Mike Floros developed a strong affinity to melodic, hard rock at a young age.

Most of their teen years were spent jamming to the likes of Kiss, Stryper, Dokken, and other popular "hair metal" bands of the 80's. Upon graduation, Mike and Brian went their separate ways but with the advent of social media, reconnected in 2006. With Brian living in Phoenix, a mere day's drive from Los Angeles, the two would meet up occasionally to attend concerts and just go out and have fun.

The topic of forming a band would come up often and finally, in 2014, the opportunity presented itself as Mike was heading into the studio to record. There was no "looking for a singer." Mike knew Brian's credentials and he was tapped for what was then known as "The Mike Floros Project." In studio, Mike called upon the assistance of Mike Talanca to deliver powerful bass lines to the "studio-only" project. A graduate of Musician's Institute, Talanca's musicianship added strength to the music.

The true mastery of his instrument brought depth to the bottom end. Surprise bonus? Mike Talanca was from Youngstown, Ohio!Finally, while utilizing studio musicians and even the renowned Jeff Bowders for "Stand" on the band's first EP, Rob Duran had been co-producing and engineering for the project. During his time behind the mixing board, Rob developed an affinity for the 80's metal sound. Speaking to Floros, he said, "This should be more than a studio project. It needs to be a band!" After volunteering to play drums and recruiting Mike Talanca to play bass full time, Idora was formed in 2015. Look for great music and live shows from the band moving forward!

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