Jason Hollis Record Producer Special Guest On The Record Machine Show August 4, 2018

Join me Jimi for my show The Record Machine with special guest Music Executive & Record Producer Jason Hollis. The show starts at 6 pm est time and Jason will call in at 7 Pm est time to talk about his Record Label Punk Aristocrats , the artists he's managing and producing. Here's a little history about the label- Punk Aristocrats is an artist driven music, media and events brand. We’re bringing cool back to the music industry. We’re the BRAND for a community of rocknrollas. From the way we dress to the music consumed, we turn the volume `up to 11. Punk Aristocrats is like a gang of well dressed ninja bikers with passports and access to a blimp. Our community is growing bigger and stronger by the day and you are all welcome to come along for the ride. Wanna join? Click here http://punkaristocrats.com/join/ we are global because rock n’ roll has no boarders. Thank you for your support and welcome to Punk Aristocrats. Like. Comment. Share. Support. Get Involved! Here's Their Social media info- Download Punk Aristocrats Radio 1 http://punkaristocrats.com/radio-1 m.me/PunkAristocrats social@punkaristocrats.com http://punkaristocrats.com https://twitter.com/PunkAristocrats https://www.instagram.com/punkaristocrats/ https://www.youtube.com/user/punkaristocrats