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Carli Foxx From The Band The Rumours Special Guest August 11, 2018

Join Me Jimi for my show The Record Machine with special guest Carli Foxx from the band The Rumours. The show starts at 6 pm est. and Carli will be on air at 7 pm est. time. We'll talk about the current tour, the latest cd and any upcoming projects.

Here's a little history on the band-

The Rumours are Female Fronted Rock Band based out of Waterloo, Iowa. Lead singer, Carli Foxx, formed the band in April 2014. The Rumours inspiration comes from hard, loud and in your face rock n roll. You can compare The Rumours to bands like, The Donnas, Betty Blowtorch, and The Runaways. There’s a bit of a Ramones’ punk sound, as well as a dash of KISS rock n roll. The Rumours jumped on a show during the “Hardest Chicks in Hard Rock Tour ft. Flyleaf” in Des Moines, Iowa. They’ve also played with headlining bands, Dope, Saving Abel, Adelitas Way, Fit For Rivals and world-touring act HAIRBALL. The Rumours are all about rock n roll and keeping it alive. These girls can rock just as hard as the boys and they’ll prove it to you as they rock the stage and blow your mind. The Rumours are REAL, RAW, and CLASSIC rock. So, don’t miss your chance to see these girls and boys!

Band Members

Carli Foxx - Lead Vocals, Rhythm Guitar Ela Rose - Bass Guitar StuThedew - Lead Guitar Daniel Kluiter - Drums

The Rumours Social Media

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